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On May 12, 2010, Anabelle Rose Linzey was born with both Microcephaly and Lissencephaly Type 3. About a year and a half later, her friends and family members established Anabelle’s Wish to help children and families struggling with Lissencephaly and/or other rare neurological conditions.

The organization started close to home – with Anabelle and her family: loving parents Kate and Brian, and Anabelle’s big sister, Elyse.

The Linzeys’ needs were significant early on. Anabelle was hospitalized for two months and had to return to the hospital shortly thereafter. The family faced increased electric and water bills because of Anabelle’s round-the-clock needs and increased gas costs for twice-daily trips to and from the hospital. With Anabelle in the hospital for long periods of time, Kate and Brian lost time from work. Our contributions to their expenses have helped them through difficult times.

By 2012, we were able to provide modest assistance to other families. Kate has connected with the parents of children with various cephalic disorders around the world. When she recognized a need, she brought it to our board and asked if we’d consider making a donation. Since then, with contributions ranging from $55 to $1,000, we’ve been able to help families meet uncovered medical expenses and other costs incurred when caring for a special needs child. We’ve also made extra spending money available so that families could enjoy some simple pleasures.  You can read the details in our Spring 2013 Newsletter and Spring 2014 newsletter

To raise money to date, we’ve sponsored Shop With Heart holiday fairs, Share the Wish Beef & Beers in honor of Anabelle’s birthdays, charity yard and bake sales, and Microcephaly Awareness Day events.

We welcome your fundraising ideas, volunteer efforts and suggestions. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved in Anabelle’s Wish.

Meet the Linzeys

anabellejulyWithin two hours of Anabelle’s birth, doctors told Kate and Brian that her head was measuring on the small side. They felt it was necessary to transfer her to a children’s hospital that would have the proper equipment to perform an MRI on an infant.

Anabelle spent the next two months in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE. She was diagnosed with Microcephaly (a small head) and Lissencephaly (a smooth brain) Type 3, which is the result of a mutation to her TUBA1A gene. On July 12, 2010, she was finally able to go home to her family.

Anabelle functions on the cognitive level of a 1- to 2-month-old. She takes all of her sustenance through a gastronomy tube in her belly. She loves to be petted and kissed and adores the feel of sunshine on her face. She is profoundly visually impaired but has wonderful hearing. She loves to listen to music and to people talking; she especially enjoys it when her sister sings to her.

Elyse Mireia Linzey was born July 16, 2007. People often tell her mommy and daddy that God chose them to be Anabelle’s parents. Her parents respectfully disagree. Anyone who sees the sisters together knows that God gave Anabelle to Elyse. Kate and Brian were just the parents already in place. Elyse started third grade in September 2015.  She takes piano and viola lessons and loves crafting at the Community Arts Center. She plans on becoming a paleontologist but will probably be in a super hero outfit when she digs.

Kate Linzey is an accredited personal property appraiser who runs Linzey Appraisal Associates from her home office. She is very thankful to have a flexible schedule that allows her to care for the needs of her children. She is also very grateful for good friends who make sure she remembers once in a while to take some adult time from her hectic life. She chronicles the family’s life since Anabelle’s arrival on a blog entitled, “Our New Life.”

Brian Linzey is a building contractor and home renovator, which allows for a flexible schedule in order to accommodate Anabelle’s needs. He has traded in bowling and video games for braiding pony hair and painting tiny fingernails. He manages Anabelle’s care by coordinating all of her doctors, therapists and nurses.

Kate and Brian have done an astonishing job of keeping Anabelle relatively healthy and comfortable while coping with the numerous day-to-day challenges. They are incurring significant costs because of extra utility expenses, special clothing and equipment, and time lost from work. Future needs may include a home that’s more suitable and a specially equipped van.